The Vision

Pretty Fit Chicks wants to inspire women to build and maintain high self-esteem, strong bodies and make healthy life choices. We want to encourage women to feel good about their bodies and to believe that being healthy and happy brings you true confidence.

Yolanda Jack- Pretty Fit Chick , Owner

About Us

Our mission is to inspire people. We want to change the way women feel about health and fitness. Our one of a kind, Pretty Fit Chicks instructors, guide each class through an inspirational, selfless, fitness experience. Our classes are designed to benefit the mind, body, and lift your spirits!

Each class is meant to be a life changing experience. With every exercise, we encourage our guests to clear their minds and connect to their best selves. We want you to strictly focus on ONLY yourself. We give you an hour of your life where nothing else matters but you.

Through our classes, we hope to develop a lifetime bond with every guest. We want friendships and relationships to be made. We welcome everyone from all backgrounds and fitness levels. Pretty Fit Chicks is for everyone!

Now it is your turn! Experience it yourself. Honor your bodies needs. Take this journey to change your body and free your mind!

Yolanda Jack Owner/ Founder of Pretty Fit Chicks & Lead Trainer

Yolanda did not always practice a healthy lifestyle. She developed a passion for living a healthier lifestyle after witnessing many of her family members being diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer, she understood genetics played a powerful role but she refused to increase her chances of inheriting a disease because of a poor diet and lack of exercise. Yolanda believes in a holistic healing and a natural approach to fitness.

Pretty Fit Chicks started off as a movement with Yolanda and her girlfriends together they vowed to live a healthy lifestyle. Pretty Fit Chicks over the years has transformed into Yolanda’s a career path. She inspires to teach women all over how to build and maintain high self-esteem, Strong bodies and make healthier life Choices. She wants to teach women about the importance of health and fitness while encouraging women to feel good about their natural bodies.

Yolanda Started Pretty Fit Chicks LLC, January 6, 2013.