Booty Boot Camp is The Perfect Program To Shape Tone & Enhance Your Lower Body

Type of activity: Cardio and Strength Training

The workout: Squats & lunges, push-ups, light dumbbell lifting, and, you guessed it, more squats. It involves full-body circuits done with bodyweight or light resistance.

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Tips and Advice

Stay hydrated. So many people do not drink enough water! Water is an essential part of life and beneficial for your health. During this life upgrade, I need drinking water to be the top priority of each day. Around 60 percent of the body is made up of water, and around 71 percent of the earth is covered by water.

For Advanced

We offer individual training sessions as well. Individualized training program utilizes personal assessments, cross-training approaches, and periodization techniques to not only keep things fun and functional but to help you efficiently reach your fitness goals.

Best Program

Boot Camp! Stretch, lift, and squeeze those glutes! This Program the back of the legs and the backside. This class will help you build and develop curves in the lower body. Between squats & lunges, push-ups, you guessed it, more squats. It involves full-body circuits done with body weight.


Pretty Fit Chicks is dedicated to building a healthier generation of women. Through teaching about health, fitness, and nutrition. By promoting healthy eating habits and daily exercise we desire to create a generation of healthier women through their heart, mind, and body.


We are here to help you reach all your health and fitness goals

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What our customers are saying

What a fun and effective way to start a Saturday! Yolanda is a ton of fun and put together a tough workout for us this morning. She calls it 'Booty Boot Camp' and that it was!

Tons of twists on squats, lunges, cardio bursts, and burning out muscle groups set into 7 intervals of various exercises. 

I really enjoyed working out outside for a chance at a gorgeous park on the water. I'd recommend this class to anyone looking to get/stay in shape in a fun atmosphere

Amy L